Thursday, 20 July 2017

Miyagi Shiryō Net on Youtube

Miyagi Shiryō Net is on Youtube

A 15 minute documentary on the work of Miyagi Shiryō Net and the original Kōbe Network is now available on Youtube. The original documentary is in Japanese, but this version has English-language subtitles. In 28 minutes, the documentary tells the story of the founding of these networks in Miyagi and in Kōbe, how we reacted to the disaster of 11th March 2011, and shows how our work in preserving the historical and cultural heritage of a disaster-hit region can help survivors set about rebuilding their lives and communities. Overall, it provides a cogent but very concise introduction to our organisation.

Miyagi Shiryō Net would like to thank the producers of the documentary for their permission and unstinting cooperation in making this documentary available with English subtitles.

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