Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Half-Yearly Report for June to December 2013 from Miyagi Shiryō Net


At the time of writing, over 1,000 days have passed since the events of 3.11. However, as time passes, the number of requests to conduct emergency rescue operation for endangered historical materials that we are receiving shows no signs of decreasing, and we are still receiving requests to provide emergency rescue operations.

              This report will be divided into three parts, respectively covering (1) Rescue Operations, (2) Ongoing Tasks at the Network’s Main Office, and (3) A Variety of Activities and Tasks. 

1) Rescue Operations includes a summary of the 9 different rescue operations we conducted between July and December of 2013. Six of these operations were in tsunami affected areas, and 3 in areas suffering earthquake damage. This part also includes a short analysis of the channels through which we gather information about heritage at risk. This section also includes a glimpse into the faces of the people who are the holders/owners of the various kinds of heritage we are working to salvage, and what our work means for them. 
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2) Ongoing Tasks at the Network's Main Office contains a summary of the work that goes on after the initial salvage work is done. The main tasks of cleaning, restoring, digitally recording and cataloguing the mass of documents that we are recovering is a huge task involving large amounts of continuing work. This section gives a glimpse into the physical and technical challenges we face.
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3)A Variety of Activities and Tasks covers the many salvage operations that we also conduct but which are not directly disaster-related, and the various educational, outreach and publicity activities in which we also engage.
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