Friday, 12 August 2016

Miyagi Shiryō Net Goes to the US

A group of 5 historians from Miyagi Shiryō Net will participate in workshops on disaster and resilience at Drexel University, Philadelphia, and Ohio State University, Columbus, on 7th (Drexel) and 9th (Ohio State) of September.

One of the highlights of our presentations will be the paper presenting the preliminary findings of a group of clinical psychologists who have started a project to evaluate the psychosocial effects of the work of historians on preserving local heritage. The preliminary findings are exciting, and suggest that interdisciplinary co-operation of this kind can lead to discoveries significant to both sides, and  suggest new ways of looking at how professional scholars can more effectively use their expertise to help disaster recovery.

The members of our group and the titles of their presentations are as follows:

1) Time Matters: A Psychometrical Evaluation of the Effects of Salvaging Historical Heritage of Tsunami Survivors
KAMIYAMA Machiko (read by John Morris) 30 mins

2) Psychosocial Support and History:: Preserving Heritage, Preserving Communities SATŌ Daisuke, Associate Professor, Tōhoku University 20 mins

3) Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage by Local Government within the Area Affected by the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Accident
MONMA Takeshi, Tomioka Municipal Government 20 to 25 mins

4) Social Outreach in Historical Conservation Work: Giving Feedback about What We Learn
TAKAHASHI Yō’ichi , Assistant Professor, Tōhoku University 20 mins

5) A Case Study of the Significance of Preserving Historical and Cultural Heritage in the Evacuation Area after the Fukushima Accident: the Case of the Izumita Family, Futaba Town, Fukushima.
IZUMITA Kunihiko, Graduate Student, Tōhoku University 20 mins

6) Research and Responsibility: Personal Experiences with Historical Documents before and after the 3-11 Disaster
SAITŌ Yoshiyuki, Professor, Tōhoku Gakuin University 20 mins

For more details, please follow the Events sections of the History Departments of each university.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Miyagi Shiryō Network On YouTube

Miyagi Shiryō Network, Fukushima Shiryō Network, and Kōbe Shiryō Network are introduced in a television series now available on YouTube

At the time of writing (April 2016), this programme is only available in Japanese, but it provides a very well-balanced introduction to the work that each Shiryō Network has done and is continuing to do, and what this means to the people we serve. 

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Miyagi Shiryo Net 5 Years on from 2011

Miyagi Shiryo Net 5 Years on from 2011: A Retrospective

After a long silence, we bring you a series of 4 essays on where we are today five years after the 3-fold disaster of March, 2011. We also have some new titles to announce in our 'Historical Regeneration' publishing series.

Five Years On: a Retrospective
No 1 Ishinomaki and the Honma Family Warehouse

No 2 Returning Lost Documents to their Owners

No 3 A Task with No End in Sight

No 4 Preserving Historical Documents and the Role of 'Ordinary People'

No 5 Translator's Afterword

New Titles Published
The new titles published in March 2016 bring this total number of booklets in this series to 12, and the series has been concluded.
New titles in the 'Historical Regeneration Project'  July 2015

New titles in the 'Historical Regeneration Project' March 2016